Opening I: Lucifer’s Dream

Friday, 22.10.2021, 7 – 7.45 pm

With Claudia Janet Birkholz on the grand piano

Metropol Theater

Are you dreaming, Lucifer? Lucifer is dreaming of a piano piece, a virtuoso magic spell, overwhelming and surreal. With the help of overhead projections by light artist Katrin Bethge, the exceptional pianist Claudia Janet Birkholz conjures up a firework of sounds at the climax of which rockets shoot from the grandpiano. Immerse yourself in a special encounter and dream your dream.


Karlheinz Stockhausen:

Piano piece XIII “Luzifers Traum” (1981)

Participating artists:

Claudia Janet Birkholz, piano

Katrin Bethge, Light & Projection Art

Opening II: Inside Poland - Music and Video

Friday, 22.10.2021, 8.30 pm

with current Polish music and the Ensemble Kwartludium

Metropol Theater

Current political events. Social justice. The flood of information and its power of manipulation. What is real and what is wrong? What is message and what is illusion?

The Ensemble Kwartludium, a young generation of composers in Poland has dealt with these themes. With the help of video projections and electronics, pieces of music with tremendous force have been created.

Meet this extraordinary ensemble. Let yourself be carried away by their energy. Presenter Ralf Besser will guide you through the evening.


Piotr Peszat: Real Life Proof

Krzysztof Wołek: Amplified, What Is There?

Wojciech Błażejczyk: General Theory of Relativity


Ensemble Kwartludium:

Ralf Besser, Presenter

Meet & Greet in the Lounge

Fr, 22.10.2021, 10.15 pm

PopUp Concerts

Sa, 23.10. 2021, in the morning

PopUp Concerts in public space under the direction of Levin Handschuh

Markthalle 8


Saturday, 23.10.2021, 12 pm

Bremen Youth Ensemble for New Music „Smusic21“ (Conductor: David Gutfleisch)


Markthalle 8, Domshof


Did you know that Bremen has a youth ensemble for new music?  “Smusic21” perform with and without instruments but with a lot of fun in the Markthalle 8.  Watch and enjoy a musical treat!



Smusic21 (Conductor: David Gutfleisch)

TalkTime: Crazy?

Saturday, 23.10.2021, 2 pm

On the topic “Contemporary music – what is the point?” with a music video by Michal Talma-Sutt and Berthold Gantner


Markthalle 8

What drives people to play or listen to music that sounds different from anything else on the market? And this music has been around for 100 years! Instruments are played differently than originally intended, often sounding oblique and sometimes the rhythm is missing. Crazy…

Exactly what is exciting and how do ordinary listeners feel about it? Musicologists Prof. Christoph Louven from the University of Osnabrück, composer Michal Talma-Sutt, and director of the real-time festival Claudia Janet Birkholz discuss this with the audience. We look forward to hearing your opinion on this.


Music video von Michal Talma-Sutt und Berthold Gantner

Talk guests:

Christoph Louven, University of Osnabrück

Claudia J. Birkholz, Pianist and director of the festival

Michal Talma-Sutt, composition

Discovery: Workshop

Saturday, 23.10.2021, 2 pm

Workshop with Gero Koenig and his self-developed sensor chordeographer for students, school groups and interested parties


Discovery: Workshop

Sa, 23.10.2021, 4 pm

Concert with Gero Koenig and his self-developed sensor choreographer and the participants of the Klangwerkstatt

Weserburg Museum for Modern Art




Gero Koenig, Chordeograph

Workshop participants

Who has not dreamed of suddenly being able to play an instrument without having to go through years of practicing? This could be the instrument of many dreams: the chordeographer! Majestic and otherworldly, it looms in the middle of the room, waiting to be brought to life. Gero Koenig will show you how to play it.

Great gala

Saturday, 23.10.2021, 6 pm

Gala with music, films and festive awarding of the Köster Prize

Metropol Theater

Moderation: Ilka Groenewold

The great highlight of the festival: the ceremonial gala of the Köster award, which is endowed with €30,000.

All filmed music will be played live on this evening. After that, the best film adaptations will be shown. Decide for yourself whether the filmmakers have succeeded in capturing their very own inner images.

The award winner will then be announced and the prize will be presented. Interviews with the filmmakers and musicians give you insights into the working methods of the artists.


Moderation: N.N.

In cooperation with Filmbüro Bremen




Claudia J. Birkholz: Something yellow and a little bit green

Gero König: Chordeograph Workshop Exzerpt

Stefan Lindemann: Intrada e Danza for alto flute in G and violoncello

Ezzat Nashashibi: Luft und Holz II 

Regin Petersen: Shapes & Sizes 


Award-winning music videos

Interviews with the filmmakers



Claudia Janet Birkholz, Piano

Ensemble New Babylon

Gero Koenig, Chordeograph



Lecture I: How does it Fello?

Saturday, 06.11.2021, 12 pm

Lecture with Andi Otto and his self-developed Fello


University of the Arts Bremen



You know what a cello sounds like, right? Do you also know what a fello sounds like?

Andi Otto, a musician from Hamburg, developed this unusual instrument out of love for cello and electronic sounds. The cello bow plays an essential role in the production of electronic sounds.

In this lecture, Otto shows the audience how the fello works and how it is played. He will be happy to answer your questions.




Andi Otto, Fello

Discovery: Workshop

Saturday, 06.112021, 2 pm

Workshop with Gero Koenig and his self-developed electroacoustic sensor chordeographer

Discovery: Workshop

Sunday, 06.11.2021,4 pm


Weserburg Museum for Modern Art

Who has not dreamed of suddenly being able to play an instrument without having to go through years of practicing? This could be the instrument of your dreams: the chordeographer!  Majestic and otherworldly, it looms in the middle of the room, waiting to be brought to life. Gero König shows you how to play it.

Discoveries are the focus of this workshop with concert.

Anyone who has always dreamed of playing an instrument but never had the opportunity to do so will learn to play one of the most innovative instruments in no time.

For several years, composer and performer Gero Koenig developed an electroacoustic instrument which became known as the “Chordeograph”. Not only is its appearance fascinating, but also the fact that the chordeographer electronically opens up the body movements of the players and converts them into sounds. The movements of the arms and hands navigate the score.

In the afternoon workshop, anyone can try out being a musician and work out a performance with Gero Koenig. In the following concert, the participants will present the futuristic dimensions of this music to the audience with spheres and sounds that intoxicate.



Gero Koenig, Chordeograph

Workshop participants

Lecture II: Jan Harlan // film music

Saturday, 06.11.2021, 12 pm




Those who are interested in cinema know Stanley Kubrick. Jan Harlan worked with him since 1969 and created famous movies such as “A Clockwork Orange”, “Barry Lyndon”, “The Shining” or “Full Metal Jacket”.

In his Bremen lecture at the realtime festival, he will talk about his work and the elementary significance of film music. Numerous examples from his big films will vividly illustrate the presentation. It will be in English.


Artist: Jan Harlan, producer


Saturday, 06.11. 2021, 2 – 2.40 pm

The ten best films for the Köster-Award




Pop music videos are all too familiar. They are part of our everyday life. But what about other areas of music? They are not yet as well-known. To change this, realtime – internationales festival for new music has announced the Köster Prize. Filmmakers from all over the world visually depicted contemporary music in videos.

The top ten short films that have made it to the shortlist will be shown here.

Lecture III: Henning Lohner // film music

Saturday, 06.11.2021, 4 pm



You may not know the name Henning Lohner, but you most probably  know the title tune of the “Tagesschau”. In 2012, Lohner recomposed it.

He is one of the most renowned German film composers and one of the few who have made a career in Hollywood. He wrote the film music for numerous international movies like “Gladiator”, “Ring” or “The Great Bagarozy”. He studied with Iannis Xenakis and collaborated with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Frank Zappa and Hans Zimmer.

In his Bremen Lecture, he will talk about his work as a film composer with many examples from his career.


Artist: Henning Lohner, composer

Symphony & Voice

Sa. 06.11.2021, 8 pm


Realtime-Ensemble (Ltg.: Marc Niemann) & Agata Zubel



Carola Bauckholt (*1959): Treibstoff (1995)

Agata Zubel (*1978): Chapter 13 (2015)

Cezary Duchnowski (*1971): Monada 3 (2018)
Agata Zubel: Not I (2014)


Followed by:

Meet & Greet in the lounge

LateNight Concert

Saturday, 06.11.2021, 10.30 pm

with Andi Otto and his Fello, video shows, sound projections and meet&greet with artists of the festival



Andi Otto plays an extraordinary sound performance with his instrument “Fello”, a cello with a multisensory bow. Through the movement of his arms and the pressure of the fingers, he combines the classic playing style with electroacoustic sounds.

Afterwards, very special video and sound projections on walls will create an intoxicating atmosphere. The Meet & Greet with artists of the festival at the bars indoors and outdoors focus on contemporary music and the motto of the festival “Encounters”.



Andi Otto, Fello

For Kids: The Frog Princess

Sunday, 07.11.2021, 3 pm

Concert with speaker, cello, electroacoustic music and overhead projections

Place: Überseemuseum Bremen


The Frog Princess – a fairy tale

And how about you, dear children? We have certainly not forgotten you. Today you will hear the exciting story of the frog princess. A king’s son is looking for a bride and ironically finds a frog. This was certainly an unexpected encounter. What is he supposed to do with a frog if all he wants is to get married? What happens next? In the end, might this frog be the princess of his dreams?

The actor Christian Bergmann tells the Polish fairy tale “The Frog Princess”. Lynda Anne Cortis on the cello creates soundscapes that Riccardo Castagnola will accompany electronically, and Katrin Bethge immerses everything in fairytale pictures that will remain with you for a long time. Promised.



Christian Bergmann, Speaker

Lynda Anne Cortis, Cello

Riccardo Castagnola, Live Electronics

Katrin Bethge, Overhead projections

Salome Althammer, Director

The fairy tale “The Frog Princess” is a traditional Polish fairy tale. In the 18th century, Oskar Kohlberg collected Polish fairy tales, similar to the Brothers Grimm in Germany, and published them in more than thirty volumes together with folk songs, legends and customs.

The fairy tale has now been retold by the Bremen author Anke Fischer. It is about the youngest king’s son, who was led to a frog by an arrow from his bow in search of a bride. Exposed to the mockery of the brothers, he proves himself in numerous adventures with the help of various animals, which will make him the happiest of all brothers in the end.