For the love of
contemporary music.

For the joy of
new encounters.

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of curiosity. A vision. And courage. The organizers of the REALTIME International Festival for New Music are all passionate about contemporary music. Now they want to share that passion with you.


The organizers:
REALTIME - Forum Neue Musik

The Bremen association REALTIME – Forum Neue Musik has been working since 2012 to promote contemporary music in all its many facets and forms.

Whether it’s concerts, intercultural projects or audio-visual performances that strike your fancy, we would like to pique your curiosity and invite you to immerse yourself in the contemporary music experience.

The REALTIME International Festival for New Music is an event where all these formats come together with a variety of different ideas, to provide a stage for both established artists and up-and-coming talent. The idea for the festival came from none other than the distinguished concert pianist Claudia J. Birkholz, who is also the festival’s artistic director. She has been lecturing in contemporary music at the University of the Arts Bremen for 25 years and is president of REALTIME. She herself has performed worldwide at a variety of festivals of contemporary music and amongst her many other activities, also founded the youth ensemble Smusic21. She is constantly working with other artists in the Hanseatic city to seek opportunities for introducing little-known music to the public.

The festival is just the next logical step in this process. It aims to give people who are not yet familiar with contemporary music, or who even dislike what they think they know of it, the chance to find out more about the genre. And, of course, to give those who already love contemporary classical music the best four days of their lives.