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Warsaw Autumn

Passion for contemporary music since 1956: Warsaw Autumn is one of the largest festivals for contemporary music in the world and can look back on 50 years of musical history. Now Warsaw Autumn is coming to the North in partnership with the REALTIME International Festival for New Music.
Yet another encounter in Bremen …

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Filmbüro Bremen

Strengthening the independent film scene, representing the interests of film-makers and maintaining diversity in the field by supporting new talent – this has been the mission of the Filmbüro Bremen since 1988. As a registered non-profit organization, the Filmbüro Bremen makes its mark on the film scene overseas as well as home, organizes competitions and connects creative people working in film with the media.

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Association of Polish Composers

The Association of Polish Composers has been around for almost 100 years, so it dates back to the origins of contemporary music. It was one of the first associations associated with the new genre and has been hugely influential, not only at home in Poland but also abroad. It has supported some of the biggest names in contemporary Polish music. It is the organizer of Warsaw Autumn, which is one of the greatest and most influential contemporary music festivals in the world. It is now about to open its newest European chapter with us in Bremen.

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From composed music through to improvisation, and on to musical theatre and sound and media art: Klangpol is made up of 18 associations and institutions which organize avant-garde concert events under that name. Klangpol Netzwerk Neue Musik Norwest is one of the largest networks of contemporary music in North Germany and with its diverse and wide-ranging programme, and regularly provides concertgoers in Bremen, Oldenburg and the surrounding area with the chance to get to know contemporary music.

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