Audience Award for the top three music videos

Due to the Corona pandemic we had to cancel our festival and adjusted our strategy to the newly given circumstances on short notice. Initially, the Köster-Award for the best music video of contemporary music was suppose to be presented ceremonially to the winner of the best music video at the gala this year.

Regardless of the current situation, the jury considered all entries of the Köster Award and proceeded their voting process, even though the festival couldn’t take place. Check out this link to have a look at the top ten finalists who have made it to the final round of the competition. Congratulation to all nominees! Additionally, we would like to thank all participating artists who entered into the Köster Award. We are extremely pleased with the high quality of all your entries in general. Together we managed to give contemporary music a new platform and created more visibility for this special genre.

All award recipients, including the the Köster Award & Young Talent Award winner, have been chosen and notified by the jury. However, we will not reveal the happy winners just yet. The jury’s decision will be published ceremonially at next years festival gala, which will take place on May 16th, 2021.

Until then, we – the festival management – have decided to originate the Audience Award. For more information, click here.


International Festival for New Music

The €30,000 Köster Award.
The music video award with the largest financial prize in the field of contemporary music

Movie directors and video artists are invited to submit a contemporary music video for the Köster Award. The winning entry will be selected from the submissions by a top-class jury and its creator will receive prize money of €30,000. The jury will also award prizes for the Best Newcomer/New Talent, an Audience Award and an Award for Bremen Film-Makers. The winners are to be announced at the festival’s grand gala on Sunday.

The REALTIME Festival
The sound of new new.

This festival will be a veritable banquet of new sounds, new shapes, and new perspectives on the familiar. Four days of experimental music, new instruments, dance, light and film installations and poetry, presented in a variety of innovative ways that explore new interrelationships and contexts. And of course there has to be a party: at the end of each festival day, DJs will be providing the beats. More than anything this event is about encounters – between artists and audience, between different arts, new sounds and familiar listening habits. Contemporary classical music challenges acoustic traditions and stands out with the inspiring and different auditory experiences that it offers the listener.


Be prepared to be surprised.

Sounds new: sounds good.

New encounters.

Several extraordinary artists from the worlds of dance, music, words, light art and electronica will be performing for four whole days at the REALTIME International Festival for New Music in May 2021, creating unique sound and movement art!

Bremen is open to new encounters! And you are invited to join in the celebrations: experience your own new encounters and discover all the variety of contemporary music.

The first realtime - International festival for new music in Bremen.
At last it’s happening!


The first REALTIME International Festival for New Music will take place from Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th May 2021.


In Bremen! On the streets. On the tram. In museums. In the theatres. In the cafés. For four whole days the Hanseatic city will be completely filled with contemporary classical music.


Artists and ensembles from the guest country Poland, from Bremen and from all around the world. This international variety promises a smorgasbord of visual and acoustic excitement.

The Programme.
Unique! Exciting! Surprising!

From street performers to film showings: the realtime – International Festival for New Music is one of the largest contemporary classical music events in Germany. Its versatile and diverse programme combines audio-visual concerts, musical theatre, dance, spoken word events, singing, electronica, improvisation, video art, light projections and interaction, all taking place in different locations of cultural interest of the Hanseatic city.

Highlights will include the opening concert with light show, featuring musicians from Poland and Bremen; the opening of a sound installation in the city; a concert with video projection whose theme is the end of the Second World War; and the grand Closing Gala, ending with the presentation of the Köster Award.

Programme to follow.

Serdecznie Witamy!
Poland is our guest country in 2021.

Poland is the guest country of the first REALTIME International Festival for New Music! For many years, there has been a close relationship between the musical scenes in Bremen and Germany’s neighbour, Poland, a country which has produced many great artists and ensembles of high international standing. Several ensembles and solo artists from a variety of genres have been invited and will be presenting an exciting programme..

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